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Let Us

As believers, we move forward in unison, persisting in our faith journey together. The book of Hebrews enlightens us about the importance of fostering a community that encourages and motivates one another to live out our faith wholeheartedly.


The “JESUS.” banner that we hung back in the day was our way of making sure everyone knew we were all about Jesus. In a time and age where people hesitate to share who they follow, may we never be ashamed to put Jesus first in everything—that He is the one we follow and live …

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Whatever It Takes

In this series, people will have a deeper understanding of God’s power and His faithfulness as attributes that are cut above the rest, leading us to fulfil His calling of making disciples despite challenges life brings.

Love Life

In this series, people would see marriage and relationships with a missional and eternal perspective. This will equip individuals with biblical wisdom, practical insights, and a deeper understanding of God’s design for love, sex, and marriage, fostering healthier relationships and stronger marriages within the church community.

Set Apart

In 2024, our goal as a global family of churches is for people to have a more thoroughly biblical view of holiness that glorifies God, transforms our heart, and increases missional passion. Join us as a church, as we consecrate ourselves and seek the Lord in His direction for us this new year.

Unwrapping the Present

Christmas is usually a time for loving and giving. Presents among family and friends abound. But this season, let’s unwrap the greatest present we have all received: Jesus Christ, in whom we have light and life for our present reality and for all time.

The Fine Line

There is a “fine line” between using money as a tool and loving and relying on money and wanting more. It conveys the dangers and pitfalls of the love of money as opposed to knowing who the real Provider is.

Walk The Talk

As we read God’s word, we desire not only to meditate on it and memorize it. But our ultimate goal is to walk in the word of God, obey it, and be transformed day by day into Christ’s image.

IYKYK (If You Know You Know)

Do we really know and understand how the next generation talks or sees things? #IYKYK means someone gets it, understands the meaning, without any need for explanation. But the question is how much do we really know? Are we willing to know God’s heart and purposes for the next generation together? Discover the power of …

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Every Tribe Every Nation

Our call as a church doesn’t stop with just following Jesus in our own nation. Our hope is that one day we will see every tribe, nation, tongue, and people worship God crying out with a loud voice, “Salvation belongs to our God who sits on the throne, and to the Lamb!”

Finding Your Center

Where is your eyes fixed? Where do you put your gaze? Let’s adjust the lenses of our faith as we go through this series. “But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” Matthew 6:33

Even In The Impossible

Jesus knows exactly what we need even before we ask. Out of the greatness of His love for us, He desires to meet our every need – even the most impossible ones.

Beyond Normal

More than knowing the person of the Holy Spirit, God wants us to experience His divinity in a supernatural way that we may be a witness of His extraordinary power beyond what our naked eyes can see.

Come To Gather

To have further understanding of the reason why we come together and gather as a church. At the end of the series, we aim that our people will respond in the call of Christ for us to come and take part as community of believers.

Of first importance

The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ are of first importance. They are not just secondary doctrine. Without them, our faith is futile. And this message is of first importance, which is why we are to share it with others by the power of the Holy Spirit. By the end of this series, our people …

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Discipleship is a life-long journey of following Christ. This series will help us examine our hearts and get a grasp f why it is needed to be intentional in loving God, loving the lost, and loving other believers while making it a lifestyle of discipleship.


We believe that God works miracles today by the power of the Holy Spirit to bless people and advance his kingdom. In 2023, we are believing God for miracles that will testify to his power and create new opportunities for the gospel to advance. The sermon series will focus on the 7 miracles John recounts …

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A Reason To Celebrate

As we celebrate this Yuletide season, let us look back on our lives and recount how faithful God is to us and live with hope.Ultimately, we always have a reason to celebrate – God is with us, and in Him, we have light and life.

Generation We

Generation We is a series about how generations can work together to accomplish God’s mission. Our heart is that we may see the need to find the strength from God to endure and reach out across generations to pass on the gospel, in order to see future leaders discipled for Christ’s glory.

This Is Your Church

The church is God’s people. He is building it and has designed it in such a way that we can have a shared faith, shared lives, shared hope, and shared mission. As his people, we will be defined according to this identity, and live this out as His light to the world.

Salt & Light

We are opening up the month of August with our new series Salt & Light. Our season is not mandated by the crisis we face but our call to lead people to Christ, the source of our true hope!

Abide: the power of Prayer

We are starting a new series this week entitled, Abide. We pray and believe that at the end of this series, people will be strengthened in their communion with God through prayer, and bring them closer to God.

Miracles of Jesus

The God who showed His mighty power in the past is the same God who is faithful to reach you with His powerful hands. At the end of this series, our people will have greater faith in claiming miracles that Jesus could perform in their lives, resulting to a gospel demonstrated living.


un·daunt·ed – /ˌənˈdôn(t)əd/ What is it like to be a strong disciple? Let’s look at what the bible tells us through the life of Daniel. At the end of this four-week series, people will be able to recognize what it is like to be a strong disciple of Jesus.


In a world full of noises, we are bombarded with lies and distractions. But we can still stand firm in our faith as we listen intently to His voice and hear the whisper of the Holy Spirit. In this preaching series, we would learn from different people in the Bible on how they heard and …

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Jump Start

It’s time to #jumpstart our faith in serving! Don’t be stuck and make sure that you allow God to unlock your potential! At the end of this series, people will have greater desire to participate in the kingdom of God and use their gift to serve His people.

Greater Works

At the end of this series, we are in faith that our people will have greater grasp and deeper desire to participate in the kingdom of God and believe for greater works even in the midst of trials and adversaries.


At the end of this series, we will have a greater understanding of how it is to love the Lord with all of our heart, mind and soul, and our neighbor as we love ourselves. 


As we prepare our hearts in the coming new year, let us reflect on the goodness of God and His faithfulness towards us even from the past years. We will start this new series Abide which is also our theme in our start of the year Prayer and Fasting.

In Time

Let’s look at the Gospel of John and understand that more than the baby in a manger we are celebrating every Christmas, our Lord Jesus is the source of life and light. It is our prayer that at the end of the series, you will be a witness about Jesus and His message of hope.

Add To Heart

Add to Heart is a 3 weeks series where we will talk about our worship to God. At the end of the series, it is our prayer that the church will view and embrace giving as worship to God. Giving is a matter of the heart. We give not because we have to, but because …

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Light of the Nations

From people suffering through the global pandemic to nations experiencing political turmoil, our world is in desperate need of light. The good news is that even from the Old Testament, God promised to send someone who will be a light that breaks through the darkness of the nations-and this has been fulfilled in Jesus and …

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Generationship is our campus series where we will talk about the relationship of two generations. At the end of the series, we will understand why multiple generations should cultivate a partnership in seeking, obeying, and prioritising God even when landscapes and seasons change.

Upper Room

At the end of this series, our people will have a strong desire to have an intimate time with God through the Word, worship and prayer.

Hope Full

The circumstances around us can snatch away any hope or happiness that we have if we let them. But we don’t have to worry or fret; we can be full of hope even in the midst of present reality knowing that we have all we need and more in Christ!

Church is Boring

We hope that by the end of the series, our people will be aware of the benefits of being part of the church and actively participate in advancing God’s kingdom.


Let’s take a look at the life of King David, and hope that we will have a deeper revelation of God’s faithfulness in our lives even in the midst of triumphs and defeats.

Breaking Mindsets

Our mind is a battle field. It shapes our decisions and way of living. What mindsets have we adopted that are not aligned to God’s word? Let’s find out in this new 3-weeks series.

Bottom Line

This series answers the reason why we exist as a church. As we celebrate our new home it’s good to be reminded of what we do as a church.


It is our desire that after this three (3) weeks series, people will have a deeper revelation of who Jesus Christ is as their Lord resulting in a life of obedience.


Unleash the power of the Holy Spirit as the gospel is preached.

On A Journey

As we look into the life of Jesus, the perfect example of discipleship, May it encourage us to follow God, reach out to the lost, and fellowship with other believers.


It is our heart that by the end of this series, our people will have a heart to serve God and His people through their gifts in ministries that we have in the church.

Awesome God

Through learning how awesome GOD is, we will be able to grow more in our understanding of who He is and how we ought to relate with Him.

Hope Has Come

At the end of this series, people will be able to relate the when and the why of Jesus’ coming. May this lead us to active demonstration and accurate proclamation of the Gospel as we recognize the importance of Jesus’ birth specifically in that era.

Something More

At the end of this series, our people will have a deeper understanding of God’s covenant faithfulness which result in a lifestyle of generosity.


As a Christian, we are compelled to preach the Gospel. May this series rally us to believe for revival even in the midst of chaotic and challenging situation.

Your Story

Understand our role today in reaching out to the next generations and the nations.

Vantage Point

VAN·TAGE /ˈvan(t)ij/ – a place or position affording a good view of something. – How do you view the life that you have today? We are starting a new series this Sunday with the hope that we get the perspective of the one who sees us from the view above.

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